What brush for my hair?

Brushing your hair may seem like crazy evidence. And yet, when we find ourselves in a department of hair brushes, we are lost in front of the plethoric offer that there is in the matter. Here are some ways to tame your mane with two brush strokes! For further details, go here: best brush for fine hair

Round, flat brush, boar bristles, nylon or plastic, you can quickly find yourself with twenty hair brushes in your bathroom ... without knowing the usefulness of at least one of them they. And that can be a problem.

Not only because you spent money for nothing, or because you risk arousing an argument in your couple about the space dedicated to each in the bathroom, but also because you can damage your hair and waste time using unsuitable brushes.OUF, we FINALLY give you the world of employment to find the right hair brush for your hair type!

The ideal brush for your hair type

The brush for curly hair

The enemy of curly haired girls: the hairbrush. Indeed, the latter may offer the advantage of untangling your mop, but it has the disadvantage of breaking your curls. Result, you end up with a mass of sparkling hair and going all over the place.

Does this mean that girls with curly hair should flee the hairbrush like the plague? No. Obviously. Whatever the nature of the hair, it is essential to untangle it regularly and especially before washing it.For this, it is better to favor a boar bristle brush. The latter are softer and do less damage to the hair.

Avoid: hair brushes with small plastic balls at the end of the pins. The latter are pretty but they hang in the possible knots and pull them. The golden rule: always start by brushing the ends, then the lengths and finally the


Brush for fine hair

The enemy of fine haired girls is knots. To fight against this scourge, there is only one solution, brush your hair. Again, the boar bristle brush stands out for its softness.

However, if girls with curly hair can afford to skip the brushing step before sleeping, girls with fine hair should do this daily to prevent knots from forming.

Brush for fine and curly hair

We thought of everything. If your hair good but also curly, do not skip the hair brushing step. Certainly, it breaks your curls but at least it will not be your hair that will break.

To find your mermaid hair without going through the shampoo box, think of the mats and updos that give shape to the hair.

Smooth hair brush

The enemy of smooth hair: oily roots. By their nature, straight hair tends to regrease faster than others. Believe it or not but brushing your hair can help.

In fact, this will allow the oils naturally produced by your scalp to be diffused over your lengths. In fact, you will no longer have a greasy heap concentrated on your roots.

Your favorite brush: the skeleton brush with widely spaced pins. It is ideal for adding volume to hair, something that many straight hair girls lack.

Brush for thick hair

The thick hair is less prone to form knots. However, they also deserve the utmost care. If you have thick hair and are lacking in discipline, you should bet on a large, flat brush.

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